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Facial aesthetic treatments

  • Ultrasonic face cleansing

    Treatment of cleasing in depth, hydration and oxygenation of the skin.

    Treatment of cleasing in depth, hydration and oxygenation of the skin. Facial ultrasonic cleasing is completely painless and is used to kill bacteria, clarify skin tone, making it more uniform, reduce fine lines and refine skin texture when the pores are very dilated. It is especially effective for toning and mitigate the damage caused by sun, aging, acne or chickenpox scars.

    Medical recommendationResultsDurationPrice
    It is recommended for any skin type Black spots disappear,
    the skin is left soft and hydrated.
    60 minutes 70€
  • Lift C.V.S.

    A lift C.V.S. treatment repairs, strengthens and tones tissues through a deep cellular renewal. It also smoothes the epidermis, tweaking the size of pores, blurring spots and scars, and reducing the deepest wrinkles.

    Medical recommendationResultsDurationPrice
    As regards the sebaceous production, it is indicated in all skin types (from the oiliest to the drier).
    Skins in need of this treatment are mostly those with spots, acne scars and wrinkles.
    • Stains and scars fade, furrows and wrinkles are attenuated and the pores are softened.
    • Skin shows smoother, luminous and attractive.
    60 minutes 100€
  • Oxygenating treatment VIP O2

    Due to coexistence with certain external agents (cosmetics, pollution, bacteria, etc.), and our internal agents (sweat, grease and dead cells), the skin is contaminated and slows down the activity of its functions.

    It is important to perform a hygiene and oxygenation treatment so that the skin is liberated from the pollution agents that make it difficult its cell renewal and help regulate its secretory functions and activate the microcirculation, which make it look beautiful and healthy.

    Oxygenating treatment VIP O2 replaces the classical facial hygiene supplementing it with the oxygenating power, optimizing in this way the result of subsequent treatments.

    The frequency with which we must have a VIP O2 Oxygenating treatment must be established by our specialist.

    Medical recommendationResultsDurationPrice
    This treatment is indicated for all skin types. It is a basic treatment to keep your skin in perfect condition. The skin is free of pollutants and can perform correctly its cellular exchanges, which translates into a more luminous and healthy skin. 60 minutes 70€
  • Dermo-purifying treatments

    The dermo-purifying facial treatment aims to regulate excess sebaceous production suffered by oily or seborrheic skin. As its name indicates, it purifies the skin, removed its dirt, reducing the appearance of impurities and blackheads, and also has soothing and healing effects.

    Medical recommendationResultsDurationPrice
    This treatment is indicated for oily skins. Skins with acne are especially favoured by its soothing and healing effects. Skin rebalances and manages better its sebum production. The appearance of blackheads is reduced, and the scars produced by them minimised. 60 minutes 60€
  • Fruit Acid Peel

    A fruit acid peel is used to regulate excess sebum in oily skins and to refine dilated pores and thick skin. This treatment fades blemishes, scars, deep wrinkles and recent stretch marks, bringing brightness to dull and devitalised skins.

    Medical recommendationResultsDurationPrice
    It is recommended to treat acne and skin spots in all skin types. It removes dead cells and stimulates the skin cell renewal cycle. 40 minutes 50€
  • Glycolic Peel

    A glycolic peel gently exfoliates the skin, regenerating it and eliminating the dead cells. It also removes stains caused by the sun, aging and severe acne, eliminates fine lines and cures acne, restoring the fiber in tissues of damaged skin, healing wounds and erasing them. This treatment also helps protect the collagen and elastin in the skin.

    Medical recommendationResultsDurationPrice
    It is recommended to treat acne, seborrheic dermatitis, aging and skin stains. It removes dead cells and stimulates the skin cell renewal cycle. 40 minutes 50€
  • Masque P50 Visage

    It is intended to exfoliate and activate the process of natural regeneration of the skin. It balances the skin PH, regulates the sebaceous secretion, eliminating all kinds of impurities, softens keratinized and thick skins, closes dilated pores and unifies the skin appearance, smoothes wrinkles and restores its natural luminosity to the skin.

    Medical recommendationResultsDurationPrice
    • Suitable on all skin types.
    • It is especially recommended for aging skin as a rejuvenating treatment.
    • Suitable on all skin types. It is especially recommended for ageing skin as a rejuvenating treatment. We recommned its application in case of acne because it reduces the risk of infection, accelerates the disappearance of acne lesions and improves healing, thereby limiting the appearance of stains and residual marks.
    The skin is exfoliated and tighter. 60 minutes 80€
  • Anti-aging treatment

    It tightens and densifies the tissues by filling in wrinkles and facial contours.

    It is formulated to treat skin with deep wrinkles and expression lines.

    Medical recommendationResultsDurationPrice
    Especially formulated for flabby and aged skin. It provides brightness and a new youth to the face and reduces the sagging of the skin. 60 minutes 90€

Body Aesthetic treatments

  • Body scrub

    • It improves the texture of the skin, leaving it soft and velvety, and the blood and lymph circulation, increasing the supply of oxygen to the tissue surface.
    • It prevents the blockage of the pores, preventing the entrenchment of body hair.
    • DurationPrice
      30 minutes 40€
      I also removes dead cells from the epidermis and enhances the effect of treatment products, facilitating the penetration of its active ingredients to the deeper layers.
  • Seaweed wrap. Anti-cellulite wrap

    It activates the circulation of blood and lymph, eliminating fluid retention and facilitating the fluidization of fat and toxins. It increases the concentration of oxygen in the tissues, which reduces the 'orange peel' effect. It also tones and improves the resistance and elasticity of the skin, reshapes and provides an intense feeling of well-being.

    40 minutes 40€
    Recommended as a cure for body revitalization and rejuvenation and as a postpartum treatment.
  • Anti-cellulite treatment

    It activates the lymphatic circulation allowing greater oxygenation of tissues and increasing the elimination of toxins. It activates the blood circulation promoting lipolysis (destruction of adipocytes or fat cells). It refines pores, eliminating the padded aspect of the skin, and increases the synthesis of elastin and collagen to give firmness and elasticity to the skin.

    60 minutes 50€

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