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_______ HAUTE COUTURE Biologique Recherche

By evaluating the 'Skin Instant' in an individual skin analysis session, our skin care specialist can 'design' the Haute Couture programme. All the creams and serums for this Haute Couture programme are fresh products, made especially for the client. One of the reasons why Biologique Recherche is so different is that it works on the Skin Instant, which is how the skin appears at that exact moment. The Haute Couture programme evolves over the six month period to suit your 'Skin Instant' throughout the process, always taking into consideration any changes in the skin.
The fact that the stars use Biologique Recherche cosmetics is no secret: Courtney Love, Sharon Stone, Kira Segvik admitted their love for the brand. The main argument in favor of the brand is the recognition of specialists, including star cosmetologist Joanna Check. Penelope Cruz, Uma Thurman, Christy Turlington, Kate Winslet, Kim Cattrall and Cate Blanchett love to drop into her private studio in New York's Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa at Core club. She also tells celebrities about one of her favorite brands, "planting" beauties at Sérum Biosensible or Masque Vivant. After 4 years of research, the Biologique Recherche has developed an individual skin care program. The Haute Couture program is a care course designed for a specific client, taking into account the specifics of his skin. The special formulation of any brand drug provides an instant and lasting effect, for which the brand has long been nicknamed the "alternative to plastic surgery. Only in the Biologique Recherche laboratory is a unique combination of serums selected and produced for each face and body and the concept of salon and home treatments that bring the skin into perfect condition.

The program consists of 3 stages:
1. Stage: Diagnostics
Biologique Recherche expert will conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the client's skin with unique Skin Instant Lab devices. A high-precision device will measure by 5 parameters of the skin: hydration, water loss, fat content, strength and elasticity, pigmentation intensity.

Further, the BR expert will conduct a visual control of the skin condition, take a picture of its condition and, together with the client, perform a Dermatological Questionnaire. After diagnosis, the BR expert will send instructions to France for the experts responsible for the selection and production of individual products. The BR science department in charge of the Haute Couture program will

prepare creams and serums in Paris based on the instructions sent according to the client's skin condition.
2. Stage: Prepare the stage
The preparatory phase lasts 1 month on the basis of the diagnosis, the expert BR will choose products that will help prepare the epidermis for the 3 stages.

As part of the preparatory phase, BR products will help strengthen, soothe and even out the skin and prepare it for individual care. It is imperative to observe the 1-month preparatory phase between the diagnosis and the start of the Haute Couture program. During this period we will select the most suitable products that meet the needs and problems of the client's skin. This will allow you to work out the individual care process to the details.
3. Stage: Care
From France, individual packaging for the client's home care will be sent to the address of the salon. The package will contain creams and serums for home care for Stage 3. The salon will ensure the transfer of packaging to the customer. Complete packaging contains products for 1 month of care. Within a month, a Haute Couture specialist will carry out 2 cosmetic procedures that will support and accelerate the action of individual products for home care in order to ensure excellent results of the care program.
What is the exclusivity of HAUTE COUTURE individual skin care?

An integrated and personal approach to the client. Detailed deep skin diagnostics with Skin Instant ©. The creation of special individual compositions and the manufacture of products in moderation based on the condition of the skin. Created products are intended not only for the salon, but also for home care.

The monthly Biologique Couture program contains:

1 Haute Couture Home Care Kit
2 treatments in the salon
1 Skin Diagnosis with Skin Instant © Lab in the Salon
List of Ingredients Used
Individual instructions for use

Haute Couture is designed for true Biologique Recherche lovers!

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